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Christmas Holiday Design Services​

Give us all the glitter!

Holiday Décor Services

Events by Wendi loves the holiday season! We have been decorating homes, offices and parties for the holidays for the past ten years! Real or artificial and in any style, color or theme. We can do the whole home or maybe you just want a custom tree topper and mantle design. Designs can be as elaborate or simple to suit your personal style.

Using what you have....

Many of our clients have items they have been collecting for years. We offer a free consultation for new clients. This is a great time to show us what you have and talk about your traditions when it comes to decorating. For some of our clients we just come in and do the tree topper design with maybe a few focal points on the tree while the client and family do the ornaments after we have gone. Or we can do it all and you have more time with family and friends!

Custom Designs...

Our most popular option is updating a client's existing design or making new designs. Maybe you have a great garland but want a new style of ribbon to replace the old. Or we can design a new garland and update the old one to use else where.

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